Course of Action




We request that anyone looking to view a property has not had any symptoms of covid-19 in the last 14 days nor has come into contact with anyone whom has had covid-19. Its important for the safety of everyone we continue to prevent and help the spread of coronavirus. You will be asked before making any appointments of the above, then only, full names and contact details will be taken and you will be booked in.

If your appointment is beyond a day, we ask that you still follow the above guidelines and contact us immediately to cancel your appointment if you have had any of symptoms.

Please see the link below for symptoms under the government guidelines and feel free to discuss with a member of staff should you have any questions or concerns before your appointment.

We are here to continue with our services in all departments but with upmost caution and protection for everyone and to continue to protect our NHS:


Instructions for making appointments

1.All appointments must be made via telephone, email, website or social media.

  1. All clients viewing, will be allowed 15 minutes maximum to view the property. We ask that you allow plenty of time to arrive, to avoid contact and keep within the distancing guidelines (2 metres minimum but you can stay further if you wish!) if there are more than 1 viewing at the property the rules still apply for distancing.

Meeting at the property

  1. Bracewells, will be at the property with own PPE, mask, gloves.
  2. Its vital you follow instructions for the safety of everyone with your own PPE on before you arrive at the property. This is to prevent the spread of infections and ask that you put new masks and gloves on just before arriving.
  3. We will request that distancing, waiting outside and viewings inside the property continue with distancing guidelines, masks, gloves. Minimum (with government guidelines) 2 metres apart but happy if you wish to be a bit further apart.

Viewing the property

  1. Bracewells, will have all doors inside the property open and all cupboard doors. We ask for the safety of everyone, not to touch anything but welcome to ask for appliance doors to be open by Bracewells (ie fridge etc). Windows may be open by Bracewells You will NOT be allowed to touch any surfaces, any doors, handles. Its important you follow guidelines, or we will ask you to leave the premises for the safety of everyone.
  2. Maximum of 2 people are allowed at any one time.
  3. No children and No pets are allowed.
  4. After your viewing, you will be asked to leave the premises, with distancing and a member of our staff will follow up on feedback or you can leave a brief message with Bracewells if you are interested and we will follow up immediately.
  5. We ask that you remove your PP (facemask and gloves only when your away from our property and away from clients in the queue, again within guidelines of distancing please)


“We kindly ask that you respect the guidelines, as this is solely to protect, prevent the virus of spreading and for us to continue to help you follow your dreams. We are here to ensure that your move from start to finish is memorable and healthy!

Any feedbacks is greatly appreciated, to ensure we continue to offer safe and provide confidence in all our property services!” Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact us on 020 8348 8080 or email