British Property Award

With much love and continued support for our industry, our relationships have consistently developed, getting constructive and valuable results.
With proficiency and combined appreciation from all our clients and the wider community, have meant everything to us. The tremendous support and belief in the team during these unprecedented times, has allowed us to focus and deliver, what we proudly enjoy.
With much more thought and respect for our industry and deep gratitude for all our clients, it was a wonderful and great moral booster for us to receive this wonderful award. Unexpected, but proudly received, thank you – we feel very valued!
Here’s to many more years of joy and love for our profession.
Richard Bracewell and Miriam Bracewell
Bracewells Estate Agent
4 High Street,
Hornsey, (by Middle Lane, next to Priory Park),
London, N8 7PD
Contact us on 020 8348 8080 or email
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